The Story of All About Floors

The Story of All About Floors is made up of the same ingredients as any new business. A willingness and determination to create something out of nothing. A tenacity to obtain the true American dream; work for yourself and be successful at it. Steven Booth, in May of 1993, had the first van lettered and tooled up for installations.

However, the soul of All About Floors started way before 1993. Steven got his first real job at 15 years old, and worked at M&M Carpet & Paint (Later known as Midtown Carpet & Furniture). He became their first “In House” installer at the age of 19, and continued to be employed there until he was 28.

While there, Steven had worked his way through college and the thought of opening a flooring business had always been a consideration. By the age of 28, he had recently graduated from Greensboro College, a year out from marriage and two years from his first child. The consideration to open his own flooring business turned into a tangible business model and then a reality.

The early years saw rapid growth. He made several hires to keep up with the expanding business. And luckily Steven was able to retain many of those early hires to this day. He truly feels so very blessed.

Some of the best times in All About Floors history was the early days of rapid growth and expansion. Within 4 years Steven opened the first brick and mortar location. In 1997 the All About Floors showroom was opened in Mayodan, NC. By 1999, the store doubled in size – adding on a warehouse for the large inventory.

And as any good business person would do, he had a full bathroom built in the store just in case if everything goes south and he loses his home, he’ll have a place to shower and continue to fight to keep the business afloat.

Luckily, the growth continued and in 2001 All About Floors expanded to a storefront in Reidsville, NC. They quickly grew out of that storefront, and in 2003 that All About Floors location moved into a much bigger store with a large showroom and warehouse.

There was a wealth of business building right up to the 2008 financial collapse. This time period hit everyone hard – unless if you were a banker. Then you made out like a bandit and saw no consequences for crashing the world’s economy. But for small businesses and us regular people it was a completely different beast to wrestle with, and many businesses lost that match.

One of the most paramount things is being viable and having longevity. Every business goes through ups and downs. After 9/11, while the country was in shock it had virtually no effect on business. However, the 2008-2010 financial and housing crash, dealt a blow to All About Floors. Through determination and loyalty – they were able to survive by buckling down on expenses and hours were shortened. But there were no layoffs and no pay cuts. That is something a lot of businesses can’t say they could do when faced with adversity. A lot of places would throw their employees under a bus. Not Steven and his company. We take care of each other. And luckily the full bathroom was never needed.

Steven and the All About Floors family were able to bring back the company from the hits they took due to the depression. Then they took All About Floors to consecutive record sales from 2016 to the present(2021).

While that is a great achievement, the most rewarding thing to Steven and the All About Floors family is well, meeting people, helping people and developing relationships – both business wise and with the employees/staff. Steven and the staff truly love people. All About Floors has been blessed with present and past customers, and staff!

Though, All About Floors isn’t just about looking at the past. While it is imperative to know the past and learn from history – you must also look to the future. Steven would like to see at least one more expansion, and adding a cleaning service down the road. All About Floors have been in business, successfully, for well over 2 decades. Now, it is time to make sure that we add several more decades to that time and continue to deliver the best service we can.